About Us

At Okanagan Float it is our mission to provide a gift to our community; floatation therapy in a safe, clean and soul enriching environment that promotes deep relaxation and healing for all types of people. 

We offer an inviting environment for our guests to experience nothingness; a place where they can meditate, manifest, create, recover and find a state of deep rest.

Our goal is to educate and raise awareness around the bountiful health benefits of floatation therapy, when utilized as a priority self care ritual. 

Our commitment is to deliver the most relaxing, comfortable and inviting floatation therapy experience.

Our friendly float facilitators are authentic and compassionate and our float tanks are each unique.  We truly care about you and your experience here at Okanagan Float. 

We are dedicated to providing quality floatation therapy experiences that people will forever remember and cherish. 

Our Float Tanks

The Pod

The Cabin

The Vessel

Okanagan Float @ Tidal Elements Healing Arts studio

Tidal Elements Healing Arts Studio is the home of Okanagan Float, Vernon's premier Float Centre.  

With 3 unique float tanks and over 20 different holistic practitioners, a yoga studio and an art gallery, Tidal Elements is the Okanagan's one stop healing hub!


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